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All adoptions must be approved and the adoption application must be filled out completely.  **We do require that you reside within the 5 Boroughs of New York or the Long Island area and you MUST be at least 25 years in age. You can complete the application in Kitty Cove or by clicking "Adoption Form" and then click send.  Please allow us some time to review it and to check your information.  


Indoor ONLY:  It is our experience that indoor cats live a longer, healthier and safer life than outdoor cats.  Your adopted kitten or cat MUST be indoors at all times.  If NEVER letting your kitten or cat outside does not fit with your lifestyle, we can refer to other organizations that are more lenient with that choice.


Declawing:  In recent years, many veterinarians, organizations, and counties have banned the practice of declawing.  Cats that have been declawed suffer long term problems such as aggressive biting, eliminating outside the litter box, poor grooming, infections in paws, and complications during the surgery are common.  Declawing a cat is NOT simply removing their nails. It is disfiguring the cat by means of amputation of all or part of their end bones.  You must sign a contract agreeing NOT to declaw under any circumstance.  If you feel that you must declaw your cat, please adopt a cat that is already declawed.  


Landlord Approval:  If you are renting your home/apartment, you must provide proof that it is cat-friendly.   Please provide a landlord/management name and phone number or lease that states that your residence is cat-friendly.


Single Kitten Adoptions:  If you do not already have a pet, please consider adopting two rather than one.  It is statistically proven that two kittens/cats live longer, healthier, and more social lives than a kitten/cat that lives alone.


Age/Employment:  We have a minimum age of 25 years old to adopt.  Please be financially secure to take care of your kitten/cat for a lifetime of its needs.


Family Decision:  If you have small children, please have them with you when you come for your adoption interview.  Small kittens are vulnerable and young children may be unable to handle them properly.  The safety of our kittens is our number one priority. 


Other Pets:  We do our best to place our kittens and cats in a home where bonding will be successful.  We will give you advice regarding the introduction of your new kitten or cat to your present pet.  Please understand that some of our kittens and cats may not be an appropriate match.  We will always do our best to guide you to a smooth transition.


Lifetime Commitment:  Please keep in mind, felines can live up to 20 years.  It is extremely important that you commit to your decision on having a new family member.












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